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For hundreds of years the Maasai people have been using beadwork to embody their culture. Beaded jewellery Is used everyday as adornment to represent wealth, beauty, strength, warriorhood, marital status, age-sect, social status and other cultural traditions. The practice of beadwork is specifically done by women, passed down from mother to daughter.

There are a number of different colours used in Maasai beadwork and each is symbolic of important cultural elements.

Today, we are promoting trade by working closely with the Maasai women, uniting the beadwork tradition with contemporary designs to make our dog collars. Which translates to a good deal for you and fair trade to the craftswoman.

Handmade in Kenya, the collars are beautifully hand-beaded with 100% glass beads, and then hand-stitched on robust but soft cow hide and finished on the inside with a soft goat skin lining. The sturdy, solid brass buckle is hand cast by local artisans using recycled brass.

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