Zipporah van der VijVER


I’m a proud Kenya that was fortunate enough to travel the world as an air hostess. I fell in love with an English man & London is now my home. Travelling made me appreciate even more the skills and crafts of my heritage and now I have a passion to share these with the world.

I have always been inspired by the strength of Kenyan women who work tirelessly to support their families & despite all their hardships their spirits never run low.

 My grandmother was one of these women. Through hand weaving baskets & tending to her little piece of land during the rainy season she managed to raise her seven children.

I want to use this platform to give back to my community & celebrate these strong women in our society & empower the local skilled artisans.



An old age tradition of our culture.  Our basket weavers are Kenyan women from remote rural villages, who have learned the art of weaving from their mothers and grandmothers. They handcraft each individual basket to our specifications, earning income for their families while keeping their precious craft traditions alive for future generations.

It’s an art they have perfected. The baskets are woven with love and passion. Each piece has its own unique qualities and reveals layers of stories woven into the strands. Their magical hands create the most enchanting sisal baskets that will bring colour & texture to any home.

Together with women like these we are the Kenyan Crafts Company.


Kenya Crafts Company believe in offering tangible empowerment to artisans in Kenya & promoting our culture. We believe in protecting the environment by using sustainable locally produced raw materials.

By developing healthy and sustainable partnerships while preserving the ‘Kiondo’ weaving tradition. We are able to bring  our crafts to you.

From our heritage to your home.

The Kenyan Craft Company Ethos

“I’m working with a self-help group of ladies to weave the most beautiful bespoke hand-crafted Kiondo baskets to bring our culture to you.”

– Zipporah van der Vijver

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