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16″ Tonga Basket


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Tonga baskets are baskets woven by the Tonga women of the Southern Province of Zambia, who are renowned for their basket weaving. The baskets have a distinctive traditional design with a square bottom forming the foundation of the basket, every basket design is unique. All baskets are colored with natural vegetable dyes, or use no dyes at all, relying instead on natural contrasts in the weaving materials.
It takes approximately two weeks to complete a basket about 35 cm in diameter. The baskets are made from the ilala palm (mapokwe in Tonga).
Traditionally the baskets were (and still are) used for carrying maize or sorghum from the fields & then winnowing the grain.
They make a  wonderful wall feature when in collections, bringing texture & neutral colours to your interior space. The baskets are light & easy to hang.

They also make for practical tableware, for fruits and bread, or in the bathroom for displaying hand towels.


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