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Ideal for organisation around the house, decor, plant pot cover, pantry storage, toy storage adding natural texture and colour to your space.

Handmade by a self help group of lady weavers in a remote rural village in Kenya. Due to the arid/dry environment the women rely on weaving before the rainy season. Working directly with the weavers ensures fair trade & sustainability bringing financial security & providing additional income to sustain their livelihood.
We use 100% locally grown environmental friendly sisal with high quality fibres. .

Each basket represents hours of work & has it’s own unique qualities & reveals layers of stories woven into the strands

Purchasing one of these baskets supports it’s makers and helps preserve an ancient craft tradition.

– Ethical
– Handmade
– Ecofriendly


– If your basket gets squashed, don’t panic, you can remould it by stuffing with towels or pot of a similar shape.
– If using your basket as a plant pot, be sure to either line it with a thick plastic or keep your plant in a smaller plastic pot on a saucer.
– Keep your basket dry, they’re all made from natural materials so will deteriorate it they get damp.
– Keep away from direct sunlight to keep the colours bright. Dyed sisal will fade if exposed to strong sunlight, although this effect can give the basket a more rustic look.

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary.


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