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Rwandan sisal basket bowl


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The art of Rwanda. Handcrafted by women artisans a skill passed down from mother to daughter. The artisans use thread & needle to wrap hand-dyed strands of sisal around sweet grass fibre to create the designs/patterns.

Each sisal Rwandan basket comes with a string attached to the back so that you can hang it on the wall. In addition to making a beautiful table display, these baskets can also be hung as art. You can combine them with other baskets or works of art to make a feature wall collage.

By purchasing this basket, you are providing a source of income for women weavers in Rwanda, which in turn helps them to raise healthy families, improve their living conditions, and better their community.

Ideal as fruit bowls, organising your space or as wall decor as a collection.

Dimensions 30.48 × 12.7 cm

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