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MAU: Black & white sisal basket


This beautiful basket is handmade by a self help group of lady weavers in a remote rural village in Kenya. Due to the arid/dry environment the women rely on weaving before the rainy season. Working directly with the weavers brings fair-trade, financial security & providing additional income to sustain their livelihood.

Woven from sisal (perennial succulent) extracting the fibre is a sincere labour of love. The fibre is then dried, brushed and dyed with natural food products. It takes few days or up to a week to finish a basket depending with the size and complexity of the design.

Then the basket is taken to a leather workman (locally known as Fundi ) who fits in naturally tanned genuine robust leather handles and strap. All done by hand.

Purchasing one of these bags supports it’s makers and helps preserve an ancient craft tradition.

– Ethical

– Handmade

– Eco-friendly

Size: 12′ D x 12′ H

Material: Sisal





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