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ATOTI: Black & White upcycled wool crossbody/shoulder basket bag



Black and white never goes out of fashion. These beautiful basket bag are handwoven from sisal fibre and wool from recycled jumpers. They are our weavers own creativity and designs, that makes them even more unique.

Handmade by a self help group of lady weavers in a remote rural village in Kenya. Due to the arid/dry environment the women rely on weaving before the rainy season. Made from recycled wool from old jumpers that our weavers get from the second hand clothes at the market. They wash and then undo the jumpers to get the wool.
The basket bags have a lining & inner side pocket. With long easily adjustable leather strap and flap/ zipper. Can also be carried as a crossbody bag or shoulder bag.

It takes few days or up to a week to finish a basket depending with the size and complexity of the design. Each basket represents hours of work & has it’s own unique qualities & reveals layers of stories woven into the strands

Purchasing one of these baskets supports it’s makers and helps preserve an ancient craft tradition.

Working directly with the weavers ensures fair trade & sustainability bringing financial security & providing additional income to sustain their
– Ethical
– Handmade
– Ecofriendly

It’s a lifetime companion.


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