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22″ (55.88cm) Tonga basket


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TONGA BASKETS – Named after the ‘Tonga’ women of the Binga district in Zimbabwe. Weavers with amazing weaving techniques creating intricately patterned beautiful baskets

Tonga wall baskets make a wonderful wall feature when in collections, bringing texture & neutral colours to your interior space. The baskets are light & easy to hang.

They also make for practical tableware, for fruits and bread, or in the bathroom for displaying hand towels.

Made from wild grass & palm leaves.These baskets are unique with distinctive traditional designs & a square bottom forming the foundation of the basket.

It takes approximately 2 weeks to complete a basket of 35cm in diameter. Traditionally the baskets were (and still are) used for carrying maize or sorghum from the fields & then winnowing the grain.


Dimensions 55.88 cm



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